New Mexico Government

The New Mexico government is responsible for the state’s executive, legislative, and judicial branches. New Mexico is governed by a constitution, which outlines the state’s form of government and sets forth the rights of its citizens.

new mexico government

The executive branch is headed by the governor and includes the lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, and treasurer.

The New Mexico Legislature is bicameral, made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The New Mexico Legislature can propose amendments to the constitution, which must be approved by a two-thirds vote in each chamber and then ratified by voters.

The New Mexico judicial branch is responsible for administering the state’s court system. The Supreme Court is the state’s highest court, followed by the Court of Appeals. The district courts are the state’s trial courts, with each county having at least one district court.

The New Mexico government has several responsibilities, including providing for public safety, maintaining infrastructure, and promoting economic development. The state also provides services such as education, healthcare, and environmental protection. New Mexico is committed to protecting its citizens’ rights and ensuring that all people have access to quality government services. New Mexico government officials work hard to make sure that the state is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

New Mexico also has a Bill of Rights that guarantees certain basic rights for all citizens, including the right to life, liberty, and property; freedom of speech, religion, and assembly; and the right to bear arms. New Mexico is a state with a rich history and diverse culture, and its government reflects that diversity.

Government of New Mexico State

Official Name: New Mexico

Governor: Michelle Lujan Grisham

Contact: Contact the governor

Main Address: 490 Old Santa Fe Trail Room 400
Santa Fe, NM, 87501

Phone Number: 505-476-2200

New Mexico State Agencies

Attorney General

Consumer Protection Offices

Corrections Department

Education Department

Emergency Management Agency

Election Office

Motor Vehicle Offices

Surplus Property Sales

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